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Saint-Charles-de-Bellechasse sits on fertile farmland, boasting fields with strawberries and raspberries when summer rolls around, a true delight for berry pickers. It is here that the cottage-type wine “Le Ricaneux” is made with this fruit. The pure Roman-style church is one of the few of its kind in North America and will soon celebrate its 260th anniversary. Visitors can stop by the church's cemetery, which is among the rare walled ones in the region. Visitors will also notice that the houses on avenue Royale still face the mid-morning sun at 10 o'clock, a vestige of bygone days when it was important to get the most from the sun and be protected from the strong, cold northerly winds. This area has preserved its agricultural vocation and will continue to do so for future generations by taking the necessary measures to protect the environment. Every year, activities are held at the riverside park “Parc riverain de la Boyer,” including the Land Art Symposium which starts on the first w

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