Saint-Vallier en automne
St-Vallier, Vue sur le fleuve

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Located some 40 kilometres from the bridges and ranked amongst the most beautiful villages of Québec, Saint-Vallier is the perfect place to explore the shores of the Saint Lawrence and to gaze at the thousands of geese who stop by the Boyer River Sanctuary, near the rest stop.
Visit the local and bio food coop La Mauve, the Fromagerie de Bellechasse cheese factory and the Corriveau orchard to pack a picnic for your day.
Don't miss a visit to the historical site of Domaine de la Pointe-de-Saint-Vallier or the horse-drawn carriage museum for a glimpse of the past.
The heart of the village, the church of Saint-Vallier, opens its doors all summer and becomes an art boutique, the ideal place to buy unique and locally-made souvenirs.
Saint-Vallier is most famous for the legend of La Corrivaux and every year, for a weekend, the village comes alive with the re-enactment of the trial and the hanging of the famous women, depicted as a witch and a murderer.

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